There is no finality to the Christian LIfe this side of eternity. Leonard Ravenhill

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Good Life

This Thanksgiving season I have been pondering the many things that the Lord has blessed me with. One of those things that I am very grateful for is my family. While many people, especially young adults, do not see their family as a great blessing I do. As a matter of fact being with them is the greatest joy of my life. Some prefer to be with friends, but for me my family has always been my closest friend. Some run with their buddies, I have to, but they have been my Dad and my little brother. My mother and sister have not been distant acquaintances, but close companions. We as a unit, as a team have marched along through valleys and climbed up mountains.

I have been taught the Bible lovingly and patiently and diligently for many years. I thank God for this. One of the things that I enjoy doing most is discussing the Bible with my family. I love the many hours that we sit around the living room talking of our precious Lord.

We play games together. We take hikes through the woods. We watch our favorite movies together. We read books together. We cook together. We sing in the car together. We discuss everything from politics to theology. We laugh together. We cry together. All in all we are so happy together.

Some think wealth and power make a life worth living, but for me to be with my family and one day to start my own is the good life.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

John Rogers' Courageous Stand

Years ago my Dad gave me a quote from a man named John Rogers. It said "Our weakness and inabilities break not the bond of our duty." I thought it was a great quote, but I didn't know anything about him at the time. Since then I have learned some about him from Foxe's monumental volume.

John Rogers was the first English martyr during Queen Mary's(better known as Bloody Mary) reign in the mid 16th century. He was a very important part of the English reformation. He assisted William Tyndale and Myles Coverdale in bringing out an important version of the Bible, known as the "Matthews Bible". He courageously stood against against the aberrant doctrine of his day as taught by the Roman Catholic church, and boldly proclaimed the truth of God's Word. For this he would die.

Rogers unflinchingly marched to his death confident not in his own strength but God Almighty's. It was in Smithfield, England, February 4,1555, that this stalwart of the faith became the first of many martyrs during Queen Mary's reign. He left his wife and his many children in the care of the God, trusting in His love and grace. He died a good soldier of the Lord Jesus Christ.


I can hear the fire crackle, and see the flames light,
As a man pays the price for doing what is right.
Men of stature, men of wisdom, men of renowned,
Smithfield, tabernacle, holy place, hallowed ground.

Theirs something greater they found out than even life,
When heresy was embraced and anti-christ rife.
Doctrine was a muddle, unorthodox at best.
Rogers took the step, paved the way for all the rest.

Smithfield where they gave their blood for Christ's verity.
Their they lit a candle for friends and progeny.
Other giants 'cross the land, to embraced the stake,
So that real truth would triumph, not some awful fake.

No need to be ashamed stand up with head held high,
Live for Him right now, so that for Him you would die.
Go put your armor on and grab your sword and shield,
Wage war with all hell at the battle of Smithfield.