There is no finality to the Christian LIfe this side of eternity. Leonard Ravenhill

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Words of Gold 1

"What a man is on his knees before God, that he is, and nothing more." Robert Murray McCheyne

"Crosses are all alike, but no two are identical." A.W. Tozer

"My preaching has occasioned persecution, but the want of it will, I fear, occasion worse."
                                                                                                               Donald Cargill

"It is perilous to study the Bible in any other light than its own." Octavious Winslow

"There is no limit to what God can do with a man, providing he does not touch the glory."
                                                                                                              Charles Cowman

"If you try to imitate Christ the world will praise you; if you become Christlike it will hate you."
                                                                                                      Martyn Lloyd Jones

"Are the things you are living for worth Christ dying for?" Leonard Ravenhill

"He alone will be Lord in our hearts, and none other; for Divine Love can admit of no rival."
                                                                                                   John Tauler

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